Friday, September 30, 2011

5 Romantic Ways to Propose to Your Sweetheart

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It’s the first question everyone will ask, “How did he propose?” Are you looking for a special, romantic way to pop the question? Here are 5 unique marriage proposal ideas that are sure to make a lasting impression.
  1. Take your sweetheart to the place where you first met or shared your first date. Reminisce on the location and that very moment when you first locked eyes. As you are reminiscing over the months or years you’ve spent together, incorporate how you’d like to spend the rest of your years with her, and pop the question!
  2. Christmas is a magical time. Proposing can be really fun when you incorporate the holiday into your proposal. You could hang the ring box on the tree as an ornament. When all the presents have been opened, say “wait, there’s one more here for you!” You could point to it and have her take it down, or you can do it yourself and get on one knee. Another great Christmas idea is to wrap the small box inside successively larger boxes, so upon first glance it looks like a big present. As she keeps opening box after box, the excitement and laughs will grow. As the last box is opened, get down on one knee and propose.
  3. Invite friends or family over and play a trivia game. After a few rounds, when you feel ready, instead of asking the question on the car, casually turn to her and say, “Will you marry me?” Simultaneously get down on one knee and pull out the ring. You definitely will walk away the winner of that game!
  4. Scavenger hunts are always an entertaining and exciting marriage proposal idea. Start off with a simple clue to someplace nearby, and gradually make it more complicated. Have each spot be a place you have shared a special memory together. You could stagger them in chronological order to timeline your relationship together. Have the final clue lead to where you are, down on one knee with the ring in your hand.
  5. Create a path using rose petals or candles to where the proposal will take place. While your sweetheart is at work, in the shower, or busy in the office, scatter petals or the candles from their location (either the front door, bathroom, office, bedroom, etc.) to where you will be. If you plan to propose in the living room, light bigger candles and have bouquets of flowers in the room. Dim the lights and have your favorite songs playing.
If you've already popped the question and are now on to wedding planning, contact Zacharys & Aura at 516-794-9770. For helpful wedding planning tips, catering ideas and suggestions, "Like" the Facebook page.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wednesday Nights @ Zacharys Features Long Island's Most Popular Cover Bands!

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Don’t miss Wednesday Night’s at Zacharys for the LIVE Music Showcase and ½ price drinks!
Wednesday nights in October are highlighted by live music by some of Long Island’s most popular cover bands.
October 5th- FULL HOUSE: this ultimate cover band has been around for 25 years, playing the most popular songs from every era and in multiple genres. Each song is performed authentically and true to the original artists, with a high energy presentation.
October 12th- RAPID FIRE: known as a true crowd pleaser, this band features a mix of Motown, R&B, classic rock, funk and soul unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. They area cover band that enjoys the challenge of making everything they do unique by bringing a blend of experience, enthusiasm and energy to every performance that always get the dance floor shaking!
October 19th- NIGHT FLIGHT: listen to songs like “Let It Rain” by Eric Clapton, “Dancin’ Days” by Led Zeppelin, “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac and “Tuesday Afternoon” by The Moody Blues performed by this popular Long Island cover band. Each member has over 20 years’ experience performing live, always leaving guests impressed.
October 26th- EAST COAST BAND: ECB has long been renowned as the Tri-State area’s most versatile band with a stellar reputation for providing top tier entertainment. East Coast Band can be a 6 to 10 piece band featuring give male and female lead vocalists, a dynamite hor section and rave reviews.
Start your evening early with Corporate Happy Hour from 4-8, when drinks are ½ price! Hungry? Zacharys offers a spectacular dinner buffet.
For more information about this event, visit Zacharys & Aura’s Facebook page.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Autumn Wedding Catering Ideas

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Wedding food has a reputation of being boring and bland. Spice it up with seasonal flavors and fresh ingredients to give your guests a tasteful surprise!
Autumn offers a wealth of fresh ingredients that event planners and chefs are taking advantage of. To complement the cool, crisp weather, warm, rich flavored meals can be prepared to change up the typical servings and get creative with catering!
Some stand-out starters to consider are soups and seasonal additions. Try and stay away from the average salad starter and offer a seasonal soup like squash bisque or butternut squash with crumbled blue cheese. Seafood starters are also becoming more popular but not in the usual crab cake form, instead as a smoked salmon or fish mousse.

If you have to go with a salad, add seasonal additions like walnuts, pumpkin seeds, grapes, aged cheddar or figs to give your greens a hearty element. 

Although the classic choices – filet, roasted chicken and salmon – are crowd pleasers, consider other options like a rack of lamb, cut of veal or whitefish. These choices will set your menu aside from all the rest. Some hearty, seasonal ideas to include are potpies filled with chicken and fall vegetables like carrots, turnips, onions and leeks or a version of shepherd’s pie. 

Instead of overloading your guests with a candy filled Viennese hour, take a simpler approach and offer apple tars, pie a la mode and warm brownies covered in ice cream. If you’re looking for something more lavish, serve a “dessert trio” with three miniature portions of your favorite desserts so each guest can try everything. For a seasonal touch to your wedding cake, go with a dark chocolate filling or change it up completely and serve a carrot cake-wedding cake or cheese cake-wedding. This will wow your guests and keep with the seasonal theme!

If you’re looking for a catering company that will be sure to meet all your wants and needs, call Zacharys Catering at 516-794-9770. For more information, “Like” the Zacharys & Aura Facebook page.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Zacharys & AURA Launching New Website and Rennovation Planning

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 Zacharys & AURA will be launching a new website! Coming soon is a brand new site with updated pictures and descriptions of the new AURA and Zacharys, as well as events and catering ideas. 

AURA is open! Plan your next private event at the new, cutting edge venue. With state of the art features and NYC style, AURA is the only NY location with a flexible LED video display screen ceiling and showcases fully integrated D&B Audioteknik electroacoustics. Check the Zacharys & AURA Facebook page for upcoming public events.
Zacharys will be undergoing renovation starting in mid-November. Check back for details and updates on the new look to expect from Zacharys. 
For more information on the new private event and nightlife venue, AURA, or to plan your next event at Zacharys or AURA, visit the Zacharys & AURA Facebook Page linked here.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

5 Homemade and Affordable Anniversary Gift Ideas!

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Do you have an anniversary party coming up? Are you stuck on what to give as a gift to the couple, and tight on cash? Here are 5 homemade personal gift ideas that make an ordinary gift special, and keep costs at a minimum.  
  1. Photo Frame- Buy an average wood frame and a small can of wood finish. Distress the frame and add a black and white copy of a favorite picture of the couple. You can even engrave their names on the frame using a knife, or scrapbook letters! 
  2. Baked Goods- Everyone loves something sweet! Make a dozen heart-shaped cookies or a heart-shaped cake and decorate it accordingly. Add the couples initials and anniversary date and wrap it in a pretty presentation! Craft stores such as Michaels and AC Moore has great presentation options for baked goods at affordable prices. 
  3. Invitation Shadowbox- Search around to see if anyone has a copy of the original wedding invitation. Usually the bride and groom, or their parents will have a copy. Make a copy of the original, and place it side by side in a photo frame or shadowbox for the couple. Add personal touches such as scrapbooking letters of their names, a quote or prayer.
  4. Wedding CD- there are endless possibilities with a wedding CD! You could either take the top billboard song from each year they’ve been married and compile them on to one CD. Each song is sure to bring back a memory from that year they were together! You could also create a CD of the top 20 songs from the year they got married, which will remind them of their wedding reception! Don’t forget to include the couple’s wedding song!
  5. DVD Collage- This gift might take some time to get together, but will be well worth it (and appreciated) in the end! Collect pictures from over the years of the couple and their family. Whether they are hard copies or already on the computer, put them together in a file on your computer (which means you will have to scan the hard copies). Create a slideshow using a computer program and add the couple’s wedding song as background music. They will love seeing all their memories captured on one disc!
If you are looking to host an anniversary party or other private event, call Zacharys Catering to provide you with the finest party on Long Island. Visit for pictures, contact information and more details.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Wedding Planning: Several Important Factors to Keep in Mind

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Wedding planning: one of the most exciting events for both the Mr. & Mrs. To be and their parents. Although it is exciting, the planning can become very stressful and leave everyone with high tensions and anxiety. The key to keeping it enjoyable is hiring a catering company that helps with the event planning, leaving the fun decisions for you and the difficult ones to them.

When looking for a caterer for your big day, the first thing to seek is one that provides a party planner. This will manage the stress and time planning a wedding takes. Several other important factors to keep in mind are years in the business, menu planning and communication. 

How long a wedding catering service has been in the business for is an important factor to look into before choosing the service. Make sure the business has a good reputation with positive reviews over the years, especially most recently. Read testimonials, look up reviews and view pictures of the catering presentations. Doing this before hiring them will give you confidence in your decision.

Menu planning can make or break a wedding. As women ask “what color were the bridesmaids dresses,” men are asking “how was the food?” If you don’t offer enough variation on the menu, guests are disappointed. Talk with the caterer about menu options and how they can be customized. This will ensure your guests are left happy and satisfied.

Communicate with your caterer both before and after you choose to hire them. Create a detailed list of all the questions you would like answered before hiring them, including menu planning, cost, entertainment, etc. In addition, keep a list of questions to ask as the planning begins, and don’t be afraid to call up and ask them! It is YOUR wedding. The caterer is working for YOU. If you get a bad vibe when asking the preliminary questions, it’s a sign that caterer is not right for you.

Contact a Party Planning Coordinator at Zacharys Catering to ask your questions! Details and information, including testimonials, pictures and menu’s, can be found on their website,

Friday, September 16, 2011

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