Wednesday, September 21, 2011

5 Homemade and Affordable Anniversary Gift Ideas!

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Do you have an anniversary party coming up? Are you stuck on what to give as a gift to the couple, and tight on cash? Here are 5 homemade personal gift ideas that make an ordinary gift special, and keep costs at a minimum.  
  1. Photo Frame- Buy an average wood frame and a small can of wood finish. Distress the frame and add a black and white copy of a favorite picture of the couple. You can even engrave their names on the frame using a knife, or scrapbook letters! 
  2. Baked Goods- Everyone loves something sweet! Make a dozen heart-shaped cookies or a heart-shaped cake and decorate it accordingly. Add the couples initials and anniversary date and wrap it in a pretty presentation! Craft stores such as Michaels and AC Moore has great presentation options for baked goods at affordable prices. 
  3. Invitation Shadowbox- Search around to see if anyone has a copy of the original wedding invitation. Usually the bride and groom, or their parents will have a copy. Make a copy of the original, and place it side by side in a photo frame or shadowbox for the couple. Add personal touches such as scrapbooking letters of their names, a quote or prayer.
  4. Wedding CD- there are endless possibilities with a wedding CD! You could either take the top billboard song from each year they’ve been married and compile them on to one CD. Each song is sure to bring back a memory from that year they were together! You could also create a CD of the top 20 songs from the year they got married, which will remind them of their wedding reception! Don’t forget to include the couple’s wedding song!
  5. DVD Collage- This gift might take some time to get together, but will be well worth it (and appreciated) in the end! Collect pictures from over the years of the couple and their family. Whether they are hard copies or already on the computer, put them together in a file on your computer (which means you will have to scan the hard copies). Create a slideshow using a computer program and add the couple’s wedding song as background music. They will love seeing all their memories captured on one disc!
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