Friday, April 27, 2012

Some Tips on How to Stay Focused at Your Next Cocktail Party!

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With the summer quickly approaching, it’s easy to assume that you’ll be attending a lot of cocktail parties. Once the music starts playing, glasses are clinking and conversations are happening all over, it’s hard to focus on the one conversation you’re engaged in.
Here are some tips on how to stay focused and in the zone at your next cocktail party!

1.       Most importantly, simply pay attention!

2.       Recognize your limitations. The brain can only fully attend to one thing at a time, so skip the multitasking!

3.       Make your senses work together. If you’re trying to listen to someone else speak in a loud room, look directly at the person you’re speaking too and at nothing else.

4.       Focus on what’s important. Use your observational powers! Training and practice do help!

5.       Allocate blocks of time to specific tasks. Sometimes when you give people a deadline, it can force people to focus and get a job done.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Plan That Summer Party Now

Here are some great ideas to keep the guests at your Summer Party satisfied!

Have a Sundae Party! Too hot to bake and turn that oven on? Celebrate your summer party by setting out various types of ice cream with plenty of toppings for everyone to enjoy.  Use fortune-tellers, or those folded-paper staples of childhood to serve your toppings in.

A Community Garden Potluck Party What better way to get a taste of everything? Invite your friends, family, and neighbors to a community party where various unforgettable dishes will be served!

A Punch Bowl Ice Bath Instead of keeping your drink cool by constantly adding ice cubes and watering it down, try this trick. Slip one container inside another and put ice between the two. This will ensure your guests will constantly taste the deliciousness and natural flavor of the punch!

A second use for flower pots
Clean any extra flower pots you may have laying around the garage or yard and put them to good use! Use them as protector’s to any food you may be serving at the party and keep those insects away! 

Preppy Napkin Rings Add a personal touch to your dinner napkins by using grosgrain ribbon and D rings to give your napkins something special.