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Great Ideas for a Quinceanera Theme

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If you’re like many young girls planning their Quinceañera, one of the most exciting yet most challenging decisions has to be selecting the theme for your quince. Sure, you want to have a celebration that’s traditional and doesn’t stray too far from the long-established Quinceañera customs, but who says you can’t add your own personal touch to your big day? Below are five cool ideas to help you select the quince theme that’s perfect for you.
Classic and Sophisticated
This theme is perfect for you to demonstrate your “grown up” taste and style. If you’re planning a formal party or just trying to make your celebration one of quiet, understated elegance, going the Classic/Sophisticated route creates an ambience similar to a bridal reception or a school prom. The trick with this theme is to keep in mind that “less is more”, and instead of lavish decorations you want to opt for favors that are very neutral in color, but also have hints of shimmer and glamour.

Time of Year: Any time
Your Dress: White, Black, or any muted color (nothing bright)
Your Court: Any low-key color that doesn’t take the attention away from you (think silver, gold, brown, royal blue...). The damas’ dresses should ideally all be the same color so that, again, none of the attention is distracted from you.
Decoration: Any favors that are neutral in color (white, gold, silver, earth tones), but also have hints of shimmer and glamour. We can’t emphasize enough the importance of keeping decorations subtle yet elegant.
Food: Any traditional dish such as chicken, fish or steak will do. It’s also a good idea to have trays of delicious hors d’oeuvres floating around throughout the party.
Music: Just like your decorations, you’ll want to keep your playlist simple in order to pull off a “Classic and Sophisticated” theme. As much as you may love rap or hip hop, you’ll want to stick with traditional songs popular for quinceañeras, and include of course the traditional Waltz.
Garden PartyGarden and spring themes are always great for quinceañeras because in many occasions springtime is used to symbolize a period of new beginnings—such as the beginning of your journey into adulthood. The ideal setting for a “Garden Party” quince is obviously to book an actual garden and host the celebration outdoors. 
Time of Year: Ideally a Garden Party will be hosted during the spring or summer months (when it isn’t too hot outside), but it can be hosted any time of the year.
Your Dress: Any pastel color, as well as soft spring colors such as turquoise, fuscia, tangerine, canary yellow and green. 
Your Court: For the “Garden Party” theme, it’s not a bad idea if your damas’ dresses are a different color than yours. A nice idea would be to have each dama wear a dress in any of the spring colors mentioned above, and you wear a dress that is white with green embroidery. Chambelanes can wear white, black or brown/tan colored suits.
Decoration: If you are not already celebrating your quince in a garden where Mother Nature takes care of most of the decorating, you can also achieve the garden party effect by adding lush greenery such as assorted flower arrangements or fresh shrubs to the decorations. 
Food: For this theme, you can have a typical quince menu that consists of your favorite food, or you can also go for typical ‘garden party’ finger foods such as sandwich quarters, chicken tenders, and/or hors d’oeuvres. You can also offer guests English tea to go with their dessert instead of the typical coffee.
Music: The choice is yours.
Quince Beach Bash 
A beach-themed quince allows you and your guests to have the fun and frolic of a day at the beach, no matter what the weather is like outside. The great thing about this theme is that it adapts perfectly to formal and informal events, so you can pick the level of dress up you want your guests to see.
Time of Year:
 Preferably summer, but any time of the year will do.
Your Dress: A simple dress (i.e.: nothing too puffy or elaborate) that’s white, aqua green, aqua blue, or coral will do if you are opting for an informal and totally beach-y look. Otherwise, your dress can be as formal and elaborate as you want, but preferably in the colors mentioned above. 
Your Court: As long as your damas’ dresses always less elaborate than yours, their color is up to you. For an informal look the chambelanes can also dress down a bit by wearing a nice suit (any color), or dress up for a formal look by going for the formal tuxedo.
Decorations: If you aren’t fortunate enough to have a friend who’s willing to host your reception at his/her beachside pad, you can still achieve the beach theme at just about any location by getting creative with the decorations. You can decorate the space with fisherman’s nets, beach balls, tiny lighthouses and lifeguard shacks, and anything else you can think of to bring the motif to life. The favors you give can be of any of dozens charming gifts such as candles or photo frames.
Food: It is best to stick with a seafood menu for this. A great idea is to serve shrimp cocktails, or have shrimp hors d’oeuvres floating among your guests.
Music: Once you have set the theme through your decorations, you can pretty much safely choose any style of music you wish… keeping in mind, of course, that tropical music is always reminiscent of the beach.
Princess QuinceThis is similar to the “Classic and Sophisticated” theme, b
ut it is usually a bit more lavish. With the “Princess” theme, you go all out converting your quince venue into a fairy tale kingdom where you are its ruler. This theme can be girly and effeminate (like Cinderella) or it can be something more adventurous… it’s up to you!
Time of Year: Any time
Your Dress: Preferably gold or white, but any soft color will do so long as it is finished off with a nice tiara.
Your Court: Your court’s attire should not take any attention from the quinceañera, but rather complement her dress. Therefore, it’s a good idea to ensure that the damas wear matching dresses in the same muted color (pale pink, earth tones, pastels). The chambelanes can wear any color suit or tux.
Decorations: Depending on the type of princess you want to be, your decorations can be either soft and feminine, reminiscent of Snow White or Cinderella, or they can be more modern and resemble the kingdom of Princess Mononoke in Lord of the Rings. The decorations are similar to the ones described for the “Classic & Sophisticated” theme, but with even more lavish elegance.
Food: You’ll want your guests to partake in a royal feast fit for kings and queens, so be prepared to offer a hearty assortment of entrees (steaks, chicken, fish, turkey) from which your guests can choose. If you can arrange it with the catering company, have them serve every course in their best gold-plated china (or something that looks just as fancy/regal), and glassware. You and your court can even drink out of special goblets to complete the look.
Music: The choice is yours.
Personalized QuinceSince the quince celebration is all about you, why not take that idea and run with it? Personalized decorations and favors make a great impression with your guests, and the hand-made (or hand-selected) favors can be taken home afterwards as a lovely souvenir. This theme is the easiest to pull off and perhaps the most exciting because you don’t have to go crazy searching for decorations and ideas that correspond to any particular theme; the only requirement is that whatever you choose in terms of music, food, decoration tones and favors all reflect your own personal taste and style.

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Party Options For Having Your Party at Zacharys or Savannah

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Zacharys and Savannah Party Planning Center is continuing our tradition of assisting you in every phase of party planning, we offer the followings services:

VALET PARKING: Valet Parking for your guests

PHOTOGRAPHY: Video Montage

Zap Shot- Candid photographs taken of your guests and shown on the video screens during the course of the party. You will be given this CD at the conclusion of your party.

CHACHKA PACKAGES: Giveaways for the dance floor events are offered as follows:
A festive mix of dance incentives (hats, sunglasses, glow ropes, streamers, etc.) guaranteed to add that extra touch and bring people out to the dance floor.  

Includes all of the above and more, with an emphasis on the ligh-ups (neon, fiber optic, etc.)
Package based on approximately 100 people, actual selections may vary.

FLORAL: Floral arrangements in entranceway, restrooms, and banquet tables.

PhotobucketBALLOON DECOR & ROOM ACCENTS: Due to time limitations, balloons must be purchased through Zachary's service.

Glow Cube Tables...............$400.00
South Beach hits the Island with glow cube tables adding contemporary hues of light and atmosphere to the lounge setting area.

Basic Latex.......................$400.00
150 balloons with groupings surrounding the dance floor, seating areas, mirrors, banquet tables and single archway on the staircase in the entry foyer.

Jumbo Latex Package...........$550.00
Approximately 250 latex balloons elegantly fill the main room in a multitude of groupings. Jumbo balloon bouquets rise spectacularly from the staircase railing in the entry foyer to amaze your guests. 

Dance Floor Filled...............$600.00
This package is best added on to one of the above packages. Balloons cover the dance floor creating a dramatic display in the center of the room.

Latex and Mylar..................$600.00
A festive combination of approximately 250 latex, mylar and designer latex balloons fill all areas of the room, oversize bouquets on banquet tables and a double archway on the stairway in the entry foyer.

Add-on Archway Package (Zacharys only).................$250.00
This package is only available as an add-on to enhance any of the above packages. A tunnel of five double archways over the stairway in the entry foyer. Mylar streamers dangle from each arch adding dazzle and pizzazz as your guests enter.

Specialty "Theme" Balloons with Mylar Package.........$650.00
Razzle and dazzle with vibrancy of mylar balloons & specialty theme balloons.

Tower Package...............................................$1,100.00
150 balloons with groupings surround the dance floor, seating areas, mirrors, banquet tables and a single archway on the staircase in the entry foyer. Plus soaring columns of balloons frame the balloon-filled dance floor creating a dramatic setting from the start of your event. 

Blowout Package.............................................$1,100.00
Includes specialty or mylar package with Archways at Zacharys & Air Clusters at Savannah Club and dance floor filled. 

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Fun Themed Party Ideas for Teens!

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Are you lookin' for some teen party ideas to help get your creative juices flowing? If you're trying to come up with some pretty party food ideas (presentation is everything), terrific teen games (Keep those teens busy), fabulous favors, and indescribable invitations, along with some teen birthday party ideas for themes, then you've come to the right place!

We realize trying to create a memorable event for your special teen can be a hair-pulling time. Reaching an agreement on theme alone (without breaking the bank) can almost take an act of congress!
                                                                                                                                    To try and ease your burden, click on our offerings below for some creative teenage party ideas to help you cook up one fabulous theme:

Beach Party Ideas           

Black And White Party Ideas

Black Light Party

Luau Party Ideas

Murder Mystery Party

Oscar Party Ideas

Slumber Party Ideas

Spa Party Ideas

Sweet 16 Party Ideas

Teen Pool Party

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Summer Camp Ideas and Tips for Parents

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Summer is already here, and decisions are being made as to where to send the children for camp this summer. How could you choose a camp and prepare your child? Zacharys and Savannah offer tips to parents and their children about how to make the proper camp selection.

Q: When should I start researching for a summer camp for my child(ren) to attend?

A: In the fall (but NOW is good, too!). Start by getting on camp mailing lists and researching Web sites. Most camps start the application and enrollment process in the winter and spring. Make sure to complete applications and return them by their due dates.

Q: What resources are available to select a good, quality camp?

A: The American Camping Association (ACA) lists all camps and their descriptions. These camps have been accredited by the ACA. Camps are accredited based on health, safety and program quality. Also, www.campparents.org is a great resource for parents.

Q: What items should I pack for my child to take to camp? How should I dress my child for camp?

A: While packing lightly is encouraged, it is always best to be fully prepared. Anticipate rain, chilly nights and heat. Also expect your child to get wet and dirty, so extra sets of clothes are a must. If the camp is seven days long, I would recommend packing for nine-10 days. Pack comfortable clothes and shoes. Make sure to find out if there are special "dress up" occasions at camp, such as a dance or talent show. Pack bedding, towels, hygiene products, sunscreen, bug spray, flashlight, disposable camera, envelopes and stationery. Also pack comfort items, such as a nightlight, stuffed animal or photos of family members. All medications and inhalers should be sent to the camp director as well. Valuables should NOT be sent to camp. And be sure to label all of your child's belongings.

Q: Can I interview the camp staff? What kind of questions should I ask?

A: Yes, it is important to feel comfortable with the camp director before sending your child to camp. Find out what the camp philosophy is and whether you agree with it. Ask what the director's background is and how staff are selected and trained. A director should be trained in safety, emergency procedures, behavior management and child abuse protection. Ask what kinds of activities are available at camp and what the normal daily schedule is like. Ask about the disciplinary policies and whether they coincide with the expectations of your family. Ask about the ratio of staff to campers. The ACA advises one adult per six children and one adult per 10 teens.

Q: How much do summer camps cost? Is there any type of financial assistance offered for summer camp?

A: The average cost for one week at an overnight camp is $390, and the average for one week of day camp is about half of that. However, many camps are significantly less expensive or even free. Contact the camp director to find out if the camp offers financial assistance. Many camps offer discounted rates for early enrollment or for families enrolling multiple children.

Q: How should I help my child prepare for camp for the first time?

A: Practice sleepovers away from home. Involve your child in choosing the camp. Discuss camp activities with your child and have a positive family attitude about camp. Have your child practice activities that he might participate in at camp, such as sleeping in a sleeping bag, getting into a pool, taking showers instead of baths and writing letters.

Q: How should we cope with homesickness?

A: Send care packages and letters to children at camp. Avoid using phrases such as "Just try it for one day and you can leave" or "If you stay until Wednesday, then we will come and get you." If your child calls from camp, be calm and reassuring. You know your child best, so if you feel that your child should come home, make arrangements promptly. In that case, focus on the positive and try camp again next year.

Q: How do I know if my child is ready to go to camp?

A: If your child is younger than seven years old, you may want to start with a day camp. You can evaluate whether your child is ready for camp by observing his behaviors. Does he normally have positive overnight experiences away from home? Does your child bring up the topic of camp and express desires to attend camp?

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Middle School Graduation Party Ideas

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As the summer time approaches and the school year comes to an end, many Middle Schoolers will be thinking of ways of how to celebrate their graduation. Zacharys and Savannah Catering and Party Planners provide great ideas and inventive ways to make your child's middle school graduation party one to remember forever!

Here are some great theme ideas for your child's graduation party.

The More the Merrier

  • Invite a large group of kids to make the event festive. This is a busy time of year--if you only invite five kids and two can't come, it hardly qualifies as a graduation party. Invite adult friends and relatives, too--or at least enough adults to help you chaperone. Middle school kids have been known to get silly and/or wild without prior warning.

Develop a Theme

  • Create a theme to keep the food, invitations and decorations consistent. The theme doesn't have to be elaborate--it can be a matter of using the school colors or mascot, or a sports motif that pertains to your graduate. If you want to get fancier, you can link the motif to an upcoming event, such as a summer trip to Hawaii or a western dude ranch.

Custom Invitations

  • Design invitations that reflect the theme you choose. Keep it simple--for instance, make creative use of colors and a graphic. Your middle schooler is too old for an invitation that's too cute. Include the starting and ending times for the event, and state whether there's suggested attire. Send the invitations via mail or e-mail to inform kids and their parents about the party.

Choose Your Decor

  • The decorations should follow suit with the invitations. Stay away from little-kid decals and cutouts. Instead, emphasize your theme with colored balloons, streamers and posters or photos. Remember, most middle schoolers are more interested in chatting with other kids than noticing the decor.

Fun Foods

  • The kids will take note of the food, however. Try to strike a balance between middle school taste and more exotic fare. Instead of the usual hot dogs and hamburgers, barbecue skewers of meat, veggies and potatoes. Or, serve a buffet with kid-friendly food such as fried chicken, fresh bread and fruit chunks on skewers. If you have a theme--say, Hawaii--be sure to keep the food relatively tame. Stay away from fish or poi, for instance; instead, try barbecued chicken, fried rice and pineapple.

Keep It Simple

  • Offer a variety of fun, simple games after dinner. These can include air hockey, badminton, croquet or that electronic standby, the Wii. The kids have outgrown most organized party games, but you can always try treasure hunts and three-legged races and see how they're received. End the evening with a DVD, popcorn and drinks--and then take a well-deserved rest. 

Monday, June 13, 2011

Catering Healthy Food For Your Wedding Reception

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Catering a wedding reception is no longer about trays of finger sandwiches, tea cookies, small bowls of nuts and mints, and punch. Now catering wedding receptions is about presentation of succulents meats, crisp vegetables, pasta dishes, platters of fruits and, of course, the bar. Catering is now about flatbreads, rice dishes, vegetables, fish and fowl. Most importantly, it is about providing healthy options.

Many people have the idea that healthy eating means raw celery and plain chicken; this is hardly the case. Options vary greatly, and can include roast pork and red snapper, shrimp in garlic sauce and lobster. Boiled or roast potatoes and mixed vegetables are the perfect side for practically any entree. It can mean stuffed mushrooms and stuffed sole, baked ziti, and baked potatoes. So what are some choices for catering your wedding reception with healthy foods?

The various fish dishes associated with Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine are a perfect fit for any reception. Try clams in garlic sauce or shrimp in garlic sauce. There are cod cakes and shrimp cakes. Octupus, calamari, lobster and mussels are available. Do you prefer other meats? Roast suckling pig, BBQ chicken, meatballs and ribs are all popular and affordable options. Do you not care for vegetables? Perhaps three bean salad, macaroni or potato salad in addition to rice and pastas will work.

And that is just the appetizers. Your guests will be delighted when they are served lobster tail with filet mignon, stuffed filet of sole, roast veal with mushrooms, roast pork, beef and lamb, paella and mascada. Grilled is also represented with grilled grouper, shrimp and filet mignon. Healthy is in how the food is prepared and how well the food retains its vitamins and minerals, because high heat can destroy these vital things. Roasting, grilling, and slow cooking help to retain these necessary vitamins and minerals.

Catering is all about presentation, which encompasses all the five senses. Healthy food is all the more appealing when it's presented in attractively garnished warming trays set on tables clad in white cloth. When the venue is clouded with the aromas of succulent dishes and you follow your nose, healthy smells good. When healthy foods at a wedding reception are served by well dressed polite servers, healthy food does not feel so different. When the flavors touch your tongue and each taste is an adventure in discovery, healthy food tastes wonderful. Complementary wines complete the experience, enhancing the flavors of the foods.

Catering is all about presentation. Caterers bring their product to your venue from setup to clean-up so that you do not have to worry about anything but enjoying your special day. Catering your wedding reception with healthy foods means you can enjoy this time with your family and friends, knowing that they will benefit from eating the healthy food presented by the caterer. Their healthy bodies will not tire from dancing all night, catching the bouquet and tossing bird seed at the newly married couple as they drive off into their future hand in hand.

Healthy does not have to be raw, nor unappetizing. Leaving the task of providing healthy food up to a premier caterer guarantees elegantly fed, healthy, smiling family and friends 
and a worry free wedding reception to be remembered fondly by all.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Engagement Party Decoration Ideas

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The engagement party is one extremely big event and some will say that it is part of the ongoing event of the wedding, even if you do not get married from some time afterwards. The decorations are another major party of the celebrations and as any girl will tell you, if the place of the engagement party is not well designed and decorated appropriately then the festivity will not be so spectacular. No real party is complete without decorating the place and a good decorator will make simple decorations into something very unique. Simplicity is a key word to decorations at the engagement party, decorations that will not draw the eyes away from what is going on however is still colorful and brightens the pace up.

The couples are the ones who are designing the decorations that may be traditional or maybe so far out that the theme for the engagement party is horror, murder mystery or something else that is completely different. There have been some very interesting engagement parties such as skydiving parties and parties on trains that cross several borders and countries. 

Ideas for the decorations should start at the entrance where the greetings happen. A nice entrance way starts off the festivities by showing that the guests are welcome to your party. Decor on the tables for food and drinks should also match the theme of your parties. Simple taste is often the best unless you want a very flashy engagement party. Limiting costs is something that you can easily do buy purchasing budgeted decor or skipping the big frills. Organize your party on paper first so that you can be prepared and account for everything that you need, this way there will be little or no surprises on the night. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bar Mitzvahs: 5 Top Party Themes

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A theme isn't necessary for a Bar Mitzvah, but it can make things more enjoyable and simplify your party planning. Why? When you've got a theme in mind, picking out party details is that much easier.
                                                Brainstorm with your son to come up with a theme that plays up one of his passions, whether it's basketball or video games. Zacharys and Savannah party planners are determined to make your bar mitzvah a success!

Top 5 Party Theme Ideas

  1. A vacation spot or a dream destination can provide great fodder for a Bar Mitzvah theme. 
  2. Could he spend all day playing the saxophone? Are you always on your way to or from his soccer practices? Spotlighting your son's number one pastime is a great way to make the Bar Mitzvah all about him. 
  3. The perfect theme for the kid who's not that into having a theme is to go with his favorite color to tie everything together. These ideas will work with any color!
  4. Looking to the past can be a terrific source of inspiration for your Bar Mitzvah. Choosing a specific decade (like the 50's) or going even further back (think ancient Egypt or the Renaissance) can put a unique spin on your son's Bar Mitzvah.
  5. The movies are a major source of inspiration for Bar Mitzvah themes. A Hollywood theme can be as broad as, well, "Hollywood", or you can opt to focus on one of your son's favorite flicks.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sweet 16 Party Ideas

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While all birthday are special, some are observed more illustriously than others. For young ladies, the Sixteenth birthday marks a "coming of age," calling for a festive celebration. Each Sweet Sixteen party has its own unique style, ranging from extremely formal galas held at banquet halls to casual, backyard bashes. This year, if you're planning a Sweet Sixteen party for a special young lady in your life, here are a few suggestions to help you pull off the celebration in style:

To ensure that your teen gets the Sweet 16 party of her dreams, consider letting her decide what the theme will be, or choose from one of these tried and true options:

More themes here!

If a semi-formal bash is more your teen's style, add a formal spin to a casual theme and throw an 80's prom party or a salsa/tango dance party.

Regardless of whether you'll be hosting a formal, semi-formal, or casual affair, be sure to include a few traditional ceremonies into your celebration to enhance the event's special meaning. Some of the most popular Sweet Sixteen traditions include:

Sweet 16 Candles Ceremony

During the Sweet 16 candles ritual, the guest of honor lights 17 candles, each bearing its own special significance.

Candles 1 & 2: Parents

Candles 3-6: Family

Candles 7-14: Friends

Candle 15: Best Friend

Candle 16: Special Male Friend

Candle 17: The last candle is lit for luck or inspiration

As each candle is lit, the guest of honor states the name of the person she's lighting the candle for, and shares a statement about how each person has toucher her life.

Sweet 16 Birthday Poems

In addition to the Sweet 16 candle ceremony, it's customary for the parents of the guest of honor to toast their daughter and share a speech or Sweet 16 birthday poem. While each poem is unique, its meaning should reminisce fondly about the past and look forward to the future with bright anticipation.

With careful planning and creativity, your Sweet 16 celebration will be sure to foster lifetime memories. Be sure to relax, have fun, and enjoy sharing this special day with your daughter. Before you know it, you'll be planning a wedding!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Have Zacharys & Savannah Cater Your Next Event or Party

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If you are planning an event for the first time or you plan many events throughout the year, the main goals are always the same. You must make sure every detail is attended to and of course you want everything to turn out better than you had expected. You also want the guests to be so happy and delighted that they will always have a fond memory to carry away with them.
                                                                     Our Party Planners focus on this philosophy whenever presented with a new project. Whether the occasion is a large corporate function or a small intimate birthday celebration, your even will be handled with the kind of care and expertise that can only be learned from  years of dedication and experience. The end result is always an event of excellence.

Zacharys & Savannah specialize in the following:

To view our menu click here and to book an event or inquire for more information please call us at 516-794-9770.