Thursday, June 16, 2011

Middle School Graduation Party Ideas

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As the summer time approaches and the school year comes to an end, many Middle Schoolers will be thinking of ways of how to celebrate their graduation. Zacharys and Savannah Catering and Party Planners provide great ideas and inventive ways to make your child's middle school graduation party one to remember forever!

Here are some great theme ideas for your child's graduation party.

The More the Merrier

  • Invite a large group of kids to make the event festive. This is a busy time of year--if you only invite five kids and two can't come, it hardly qualifies as a graduation party. Invite adult friends and relatives, too--or at least enough adults to help you chaperone. Middle school kids have been known to get silly and/or wild without prior warning.

Develop a Theme

  • Create a theme to keep the food, invitations and decorations consistent. The theme doesn't have to be elaborate--it can be a matter of using the school colors or mascot, or a sports motif that pertains to your graduate. If you want to get fancier, you can link the motif to an upcoming event, such as a summer trip to Hawaii or a western dude ranch.

Custom Invitations

  • Design invitations that reflect the theme you choose. Keep it simple--for instance, make creative use of colors and a graphic. Your middle schooler is too old for an invitation that's too cute. Include the starting and ending times for the event, and state whether there's suggested attire. Send the invitations via mail or e-mail to inform kids and their parents about the party.

Choose Your Decor

  • The decorations should follow suit with the invitations. Stay away from little-kid decals and cutouts. Instead, emphasize your theme with colored balloons, streamers and posters or photos. Remember, most middle schoolers are more interested in chatting with other kids than noticing the decor.

Fun Foods

  • The kids will take note of the food, however. Try to strike a balance between middle school taste and more exotic fare. Instead of the usual hot dogs and hamburgers, barbecue skewers of meat, veggies and potatoes. Or, serve a buffet with kid-friendly food such as fried chicken, fresh bread and fruit chunks on skewers. If you have a theme--say, Hawaii--be sure to keep the food relatively tame. Stay away from fish or poi, for instance; instead, try barbecued chicken, fried rice and pineapple.

Keep It Simple

  • Offer a variety of fun, simple games after dinner. These can include air hockey, badminton, croquet or that electronic standby, the Wii. The kids have outgrown most organized party games, but you can always try treasure hunts and three-legged races and see how they're received. End the evening with a DVD, popcorn and drinks--and then take a well-deserved rest. 

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