Friday, March 30, 2012

Join Johnny Vicious Saturday @ Aura!

East Meadow Shopping Center (516) 794-9770
Join Johnny Vicious this Saturday, March 31st at Aura Light & Sound Suite

Aura Light & Sound Suite will be featuring Johnny Visious, resident DJ of Sound Factory, Tunnel, Exit, Roxy and mixer of Ultra/Dance Compilations! 

Johnny Vicious will host a night of classics, with the opening set by Tommy Nappi

VIP Table Reservations available and strongly suggested! Call Richie at 516-204-5633 to reserve yours today! 

Doors open at 10:30pm. Arrive early to avoid long lines and wait times! 

Aura Light & Sound Suite is located at 1900 Hempstead Turnpike in East Meadow, NY. For more information, visit or call 516-794-3091.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Tips for Hosting a Spring BBQ!

East Meadow Shopping Center (516) 794-9770
With the beautiful weather here to stay, many people are going to get their BBQ’s going. Here are some tips to hosting an awesome Spring BBQ.

  • Make the BBQ a themed party! Try a pre-pool party, Hawaiian, country, celebrity costumes, etc.  event! Having a theme spices up the basic BBQ, and offers some great laughs! 
  • Have you ever heard of an ice luge? It’s like an ice block with a tunnel in it! You can put your mouth at the end of it while someone pours liquor or other beverages down from the top! It’s a great addition to any outdoor party!

  • Provide lots of food! You don’t have to get crazy, but if people are drinking, they are usually looking for something to munch on. Offer traditional BBQ items like hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken skewers. Throw together a salad, or ask guests to each bring a side. 

  • Bake some treats for late night snacks! Throwing in a batch of cookies or brownies doesn’t take much effort, but always goes over big! You can make these a day in advance to free up some time the day of the BBQ. Don’t leave them in sight, though! Your guests will sneak them before it’s even time to enjoy if you don’t hide them! 

  • Enjoy the outdoors! Encourage your guests to stay outside and enjoy the weather. Have music playing outside and set up coolers along the backyard. Not only will this keep the mess outside, but the point of BBQ’s is to enjoy the weather! 

As the day comes to an end, pick yourselves up and come down to Zachary’s and Aura night clubs for a full night of drinking, dancing and fun! Check out the Zachary’s & Aura Facebook pages for upcoming events, linked HERE.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wine On A Dime!

East Meadow Shopping Center  
Embrace Spring with flavorful red and white wines from all over the world! A great bottle or two from the West Coast or a spiced Malbec from Chile can relax your dinner party and create interesting conversations. Zacharys and Aura have found a great list of inexpensive wines that may intrigue your taste buds.

Provided by are a list of national and international wines that will suit the newcomers and the particular connoisseurs.
  • 2010 Hahn “Nicky Hahn” Pinot Noir- Monterey, California $12: Combining a red berry character with a peppery finish makes for a fresh take on a more delicate and fruity red wine.
  • 2011 Albamar Sauvignon Blanc, Casablanca- Valley, Chile $11: It was named for the foggy sunrises in Chile’s cool-climate Casablanca Valley and the refreshing bits of crisp citrus flavors.
  • 2010 Apaltagua Reserva Malbec- Maule Valley, Chile $12: Made in conjunction with one of Chile’s top winemakers, Alvaro Espinoza, this trending and complex drink goes hand-in-hand with a nice piece of steak.
  •  2010 Bodega Elena de Mendoza Chardonnay- Mendoza, Argentina $11: The great thing about a good bottle of Chardonnay is that it can stand alone, or work alongside a salad and a delectable cheese platter. The drink’s oaky character and fruit blend make for a wonderful drink.
Zacharys and Aura Light & Sound Suite can provide a cool and intimate atmosphere for you and your friends. Call us at 516-794-3091 to learn about our Premium Wine Package and our menu options that will work together in cuisine-harmony!

Monday, March 19, 2012

NYC: Simply The Best.

East Meadow Shopping Center  

Whether it’s a popularity contest or a statistical competition for the number one city in America, New York wins in a landslide. 

Although no one had to tell us that the Big Apple is simply the best among the top 40 cities in the country, the U.S. Office of Management and Budget calculated the following factoids just to make sure: Living cost, job growth, coolness, culture, online dating, nightlife and single life ( 

The ranking system ranged from 1-40, and New York City ranked in the top 5 in 5 out of 7 categories ( Living cost and job growth were our lowest rankings of the event, but everything that the city has to offer makes up for them in a fashionably grandeur way. 

Once you equate the exceptionally diverse and high-quality cuisine, world-renowned museums, celebrity-ridden night clubs, and newly anointed online dating capital, it’s easy to see why living in the greatest city in America is costly- location, location, location ( However, up and coming locations around the Island of Manhattan such as Astoria Queens, and the artsy areas of Brooklyn are inexpensive and only a subway away from the flagship of NYC.  

As for job growth, the city that never sleeps has been working around the clock in order to create new opportunities. ‘Green’ occupations are on the rise and we can only hope that the unemployment percentage can benefit from them while they enjoy the coolest people, music, and vibe in the U.S.

Check out the full article HERE to see why NYC ranks supreme. 

Long Island is the go-to getaway location for all sophisticated urbanites, so come and see why at Zachary’s and Aura Light andSound Suite! Visit our website here for upcoming events and promotions, and take a short train ride to the hottest clubs on LI!