Monday, March 26, 2012

Tips for Hosting a Spring BBQ!

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With the beautiful weather here to stay, many people are going to get their BBQ’s going. Here are some tips to hosting an awesome Spring BBQ.

  • Make the BBQ a themed party! Try a pre-pool party, Hawaiian, country, celebrity costumes, etc.  event! Having a theme spices up the basic BBQ, and offers some great laughs! 
  • Have you ever heard of an ice luge? It’s like an ice block with a tunnel in it! You can put your mouth at the end of it while someone pours liquor or other beverages down from the top! It’s a great addition to any outdoor party!

  • Provide lots of food! You don’t have to get crazy, but if people are drinking, they are usually looking for something to munch on. Offer traditional BBQ items like hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken skewers. Throw together a salad, or ask guests to each bring a side. 

  • Bake some treats for late night snacks! Throwing in a batch of cookies or brownies doesn’t take much effort, but always goes over big! You can make these a day in advance to free up some time the day of the BBQ. Don’t leave them in sight, though! Your guests will sneak them before it’s even time to enjoy if you don’t hide them! 

  • Enjoy the outdoors! Encourage your guests to stay outside and enjoy the weather. Have music playing outside and set up coolers along the backyard. Not only will this keep the mess outside, but the point of BBQ’s is to enjoy the weather! 

As the day comes to an end, pick yourselves up and come down to Zachary’s and Aura night clubs for a full night of drinking, dancing and fun! Check out the Zachary’s & Aura Facebook pages for upcoming events, linked HERE.

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