Monday, September 19, 2011

Wedding Planning: Several Important Factors to Keep in Mind

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Wedding planning: one of the most exciting events for both the Mr. & Mrs. To be and their parents. Although it is exciting, the planning can become very stressful and leave everyone with high tensions and anxiety. The key to keeping it enjoyable is hiring a catering company that helps with the event planning, leaving the fun decisions for you and the difficult ones to them.

When looking for a caterer for your big day, the first thing to seek is one that provides a party planner. This will manage the stress and time planning a wedding takes. Several other important factors to keep in mind are years in the business, menu planning and communication. 

How long a wedding catering service has been in the business for is an important factor to look into before choosing the service. Make sure the business has a good reputation with positive reviews over the years, especially most recently. Read testimonials, look up reviews and view pictures of the catering presentations. Doing this before hiring them will give you confidence in your decision.

Menu planning can make or break a wedding. As women ask “what color were the bridesmaids dresses,” men are asking “how was the food?” If you don’t offer enough variation on the menu, guests are disappointed. Talk with the caterer about menu options and how they can be customized. This will ensure your guests are left happy and satisfied.

Communicate with your caterer both before and after you choose to hire them. Create a detailed list of all the questions you would like answered before hiring them, including menu planning, cost, entertainment, etc. In addition, keep a list of questions to ask as the planning begins, and don’t be afraid to call up and ask them! It is YOUR wedding. The caterer is working for YOU. If you get a bad vibe when asking the preliminary questions, it’s a sign that caterer is not right for you.

Contact a Party Planning Coordinator at Zacharys Catering to ask your questions! Details and information, including testimonials, pictures and menu’s, can be found on their website,

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