Friday, September 30, 2011

5 Romantic Ways to Propose to Your Sweetheart

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It’s the first question everyone will ask, “How did he propose?” Are you looking for a special, romantic way to pop the question? Here are 5 unique marriage proposal ideas that are sure to make a lasting impression.
  1. Take your sweetheart to the place where you first met or shared your first date. Reminisce on the location and that very moment when you first locked eyes. As you are reminiscing over the months or years you’ve spent together, incorporate how you’d like to spend the rest of your years with her, and pop the question!
  2. Christmas is a magical time. Proposing can be really fun when you incorporate the holiday into your proposal. You could hang the ring box on the tree as an ornament. When all the presents have been opened, say “wait, there’s one more here for you!” You could point to it and have her take it down, or you can do it yourself and get on one knee. Another great Christmas idea is to wrap the small box inside successively larger boxes, so upon first glance it looks like a big present. As she keeps opening box after box, the excitement and laughs will grow. As the last box is opened, get down on one knee and propose.
  3. Invite friends or family over and play a trivia game. After a few rounds, when you feel ready, instead of asking the question on the car, casually turn to her and say, “Will you marry me?” Simultaneously get down on one knee and pull out the ring. You definitely will walk away the winner of that game!
  4. Scavenger hunts are always an entertaining and exciting marriage proposal idea. Start off with a simple clue to someplace nearby, and gradually make it more complicated. Have each spot be a place you have shared a special memory together. You could stagger them in chronological order to timeline your relationship together. Have the final clue lead to where you are, down on one knee with the ring in your hand.
  5. Create a path using rose petals or candles to where the proposal will take place. While your sweetheart is at work, in the shower, or busy in the office, scatter petals or the candles from their location (either the front door, bathroom, office, bedroom, etc.) to where you will be. If you plan to propose in the living room, light bigger candles and have bouquets of flowers in the room. Dim the lights and have your favorite songs playing.
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