Monday, September 26, 2011

Autumn Wedding Catering Ideas

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Wedding food has a reputation of being boring and bland. Spice it up with seasonal flavors and fresh ingredients to give your guests a tasteful surprise!
Autumn offers a wealth of fresh ingredients that event planners and chefs are taking advantage of. To complement the cool, crisp weather, warm, rich flavored meals can be prepared to change up the typical servings and get creative with catering!
Some stand-out starters to consider are soups and seasonal additions. Try and stay away from the average salad starter and offer a seasonal soup like squash bisque or butternut squash with crumbled blue cheese. Seafood starters are also becoming more popular but not in the usual crab cake form, instead as a smoked salmon or fish mousse.

If you have to go with a salad, add seasonal additions like walnuts, pumpkin seeds, grapes, aged cheddar or figs to give your greens a hearty element. 

Although the classic choices – filet, roasted chicken and salmon – are crowd pleasers, consider other options like a rack of lamb, cut of veal or whitefish. These choices will set your menu aside from all the rest. Some hearty, seasonal ideas to include are potpies filled with chicken and fall vegetables like carrots, turnips, onions and leeks or a version of shepherd’s pie. 

Instead of overloading your guests with a candy filled Viennese hour, take a simpler approach and offer apple tars, pie a la mode and warm brownies covered in ice cream. If you’re looking for something more lavish, serve a “dessert trio” with three miniature portions of your favorite desserts so each guest can try everything. For a seasonal touch to your wedding cake, go with a dark chocolate filling or change it up completely and serve a carrot cake-wedding cake or cheese cake-wedding. This will wow your guests and keep with the seasonal theme!

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