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How to Throw a Hockey Themed Bar Mitzvah

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In honor of the New York Rangers battling for the Stanley Cup, it's time to discuss a hockey themed party! And not just any party; how about a hockey themed party for one of the biggest milestones in a young man's life? As is tradition in the Jewish culture, when a boy approaches or turns the age of 13, a Bar Mitzvah is had to celebrate his coming of age. Typically, the after party incorporates a specific theme, and many times, a sports theme proves to be popular. So let's get specific; see below for a list of tips that you can use to get started on a hockey themed Bar Mitzvah:

When you plan your menu, try to incorporate some stadium food favorites. For example, consider offering nachos and cheese for an appetizer, hotdogs, hamburgers, chicken fingers and fries for your main course, and then move on to popular stadium desserts such as ice cream, pretzels and candy! 

As you choose your decorations, remember to keep everything hockey in mind; this means equipment, colors, players and teams! Start by decorating the walls with cardboard hockey pucks and sticks, and then move on to tangible decorations your guests can enjoy. For example, you might want to include a cardboard cutout of a hockey player that guests can take pictures with, or you might consider renting hockey nets to place at the venue's entrance.

When it comes to entertainment, keep in mind that hockey is often viewed as a rough sport, so make sure your activities are suitable and safe for guests. Room permitting, consider a station where guests take shots on goal (with a soft puck, of course) or dedicate an area where guests can dress up as their favorite hockey player and pose for pictures. Don't forget to include your favorite teams' celebratory goal song into your playlist - if they have one that is!

Last but not least, make sure to tailor your favors towards your theme. If you're looking to get super creative and have the time, think about handing out jersey style T-shirts (reflecting your favorite team) with your guests' last name on the back. For their number, include the date of your Bar Mitzvah!

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