Thursday, June 19, 2014

Have Zacharys Cater Your Sweet 16!

One of the most important decisions you have to make during the party planning process for a Sweet 16 is where you'll host it. When it comes to selecting a venue, it's not only important to choose one that fits your budget, but it's also essential that you pick one that reflects your style and personality. Here at Zacharys, we are able to do just that!

So, are you interested in a party that includes tons of dancing? If you are, we've got exactly what you need - just try our Sweet 16 Night Club Dance Party and see for yourself! Our atmosphere is geared towards the chic honoree who is seeking an edgy, grown up look for her party. Since most teens and young adults have probably not been to a night club (and are probably anxious to try one), our venue provides the opportunity to experience what one has to offer while keeping it age appropriate for the honoree and her guests!

When it comes to entertainment, we recognize how expensive it can be to rent equipment to enhance your party. That's why we've designed our venue to include state of the art sound, lighting and video equipment that you can use throughout the night. Additionally, all of our Sweet 16s include a DJ and a security team for no extra fee! At Zacharys, all entertainment aspects are part of an all inclusive package that was created with our customers in mind.

For more information on our Sweet 16s, contact us at (516) 794-9770. And don't forget...All HOLIDAY PARTIES booked by July 15, comprised of 100 guests or more, will be eligible for a package upgrade! That's more than a $500 value! Contact us to learn more.

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