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Zacharys & Savannah Catering Offer Tips for Labor Day Weekend 2011

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Some of the best tips for labor day weekend 2011 in the United States depends on what you are planning on doing during this annual holiday at the end of summer. Labor Day is always a Monday that is tacked on to the end of a weekend, creating a three day weekend for everyone as they prepare to go into the grind of Fall, which has about two and half straight months of full work weeks before the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Below are some tips for Labor Day for a variety of different things you can do to celebrate this full day away from work.
Plan a BBQ
Plan for a Labor Day holiday BBQ a month or so before, so that everyone you want to come can mark it on their calendars and try to be there. This will also help you to gauge the most accurate head count of guests possible so that you can be sure to have enough food, drinks and seating for all of your guests. If you're going to have this Labor Day BBQ, make sure you have a large grill and a space where people can mingle, sit and eat and enjoy the final days of that year's summer freedom. Ideally, you can do this Labor Day BBQ around a pool, so that people have the option of swimming to cool off from the summer heat.
Capitalize on Labor Day Sales
Many large retailers and even smaller businesses will often offer Labor Day sales events to draw business in on the day off for most of the country. These sales are often massive, because many of these large businesses are also trying to move inventory from the summer season out to make room for a new swath of product in the Fall. In other words, there are some tremendous deals which will be offered out there. However, a lot of other people will know about these deals, so you'll have to have a plan of attack if you really want to capitalize on these Labor Day sales. Make a list of all the businesses that are having sales and then get up early to start shopping to beat the crowds. Try to be done by 11 AM and stick to stores all in one area, so that you don't waste time traveling from store to store.
Plan a Trip Out of Town
Plan a trip out of town for Labor Day weekend so that you can have a mini-vacation truly away from your work. Keep in mind a lot of other people will be planning to do this as well, so it may be a good idea to take that Friday before the Labor Day weekend off, or not leave until Saturday of the Labor Day weekend and take Tuesday after Labor Day off. This way you won't have to deal with as much traffic on the road or if you are flying, plane tickets will be cheaper. However, this all depends on what your work will allow you to do, as getting fired for your Labor Day vacation will be painfully ironic.

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