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Things To Think About When Feeding a Large Crowd

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Feeding a large number of people presents some logistics problems you may not have though about. Zacharys & Savannah Catering is offering tips on things to think about when feeding a large crowd.

Plan Ahead

Every large task requires some degree of planning. Cooking for a crowd is no different. Prepare your menu at least two weeks ahead of time (more if you are able). One great benefit of having a planned menu is that if someone asks what they can bring, look down your list and pick something. Then cross it off your list!

Shop Ahead

Don’t wait until the last minute to shop for your gathering. Most items can be purchased weeks or sometimes months in advance. There may be a few things that need to be purchased the day before, but try to keep these items to a minimum. Shopping ahead also allows you to watch for sales. If you plan ahead you might be able to get most of the menu items on sale.

Prep Ahead

Try to do as much work as possible the week before. Look over your menu and decide which items can be prepared ahead of time. Work to prepare all these items before the big day arrives.

Keep it Simple

Getting together for a meal is less about the food and more about the fellowship. While you want your menu to be yummy, don’t kill yourself preparing 20 exotic dishes that no one is going to really like anyway.

Ask for Help

This is especially important during the holiday meals. Even your single 20 something cousin can pick up a few packs of rolls on his way over to your house for the big dinner. Most of the time people offer to bring a dish, but if they don’t ask them anyway. Once the guests arrive invite a few of the “cooks” into the kitchen to help you with the finishing touches.

Think Outside of the Box

Try a make your own pizza Thanksgiving. It can be one of the most memorable celebrations that will be talked about for years.

Love your Crock

The crock pot is your best friend when it comes to making big meals. For sloppy joes, brown the meat early in the week and the morning of the party throw everything in the crock to cook for a few hours before guests arrive. There are so many great crock pot dishes and most of them are perfect for a crowd.

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