Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Party Packages at Zacharys!

Planning a party can be a bit overwhelming when it comes to finalizing all of the details. While many of the decisions you must make are obvious, such as choosing what foods you will serve, there are so many other aspects of your party that need consideration. For example, who is going to photograph the event? Will there be giveaways throughout the night? Here at Zacharys, we make making decisions easy by providing a party planner who can help you with all of these areas! See below for a brief description of some of the party planning services we offer:
  • Valet Parking
  • Photography, including video montages, zap shot and candid photographs that will be featured on our video screens throughout the night
  • Choose from one of two chachka packages, basic or glow, for giveaways throughout the night
  • Floral arrangements in the entrance way, restrooms and on tables
  • Balloon decor and room accents. Please note, any balloons must be purchased through Zacharys' service.
At Zacharys, we help eliminate stress by providing all inclusive packages. By providing these services in house, we remove the need to contact outside vendors, making the party planning process easier and stress free. For more information on our party packages, visit us on our website or contact us at (516) 794-9770.

And don't forget...All HOLIDAY PARTIES booked by July 15, comprised of 100 guests or more, will be eligible for a package upgrade! That's more than a $500 value! Contact us to learn more.

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