Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Menu For Any Occasion!

Whether you're planning a wedding reception, sweet 16, Bar or Bat Mitzvah or more, Zacharys has what you need to make every party a success. Especially when it comes to your menu, we provide our customers with a variety of options to choose from! Each of our packages are unique in their tastes and presentation and have been designed around the number of guests in your party. See below for a brief description of what can be served at each of these milestone events as well as some insight into our menu packages:

At a Zacharys wedding, your guests will enjoy chic appetizers, towering culinary displays and signature cocktails. For dessert, we supply carefully handcrafted treats and to top it off, your guests will of course enjoy your wedding cake!

Bar/Bat Mitzvahs:
For all of our Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Zacharys is available to create a menu that guests of all ages can enjoy. To make sure all guests are satisfied, we can provide gourmet non kosher and kosher menus.

Sweet 16s:
Choose between our Nouveau, Deluxe, Supreme, Elite, Elegant and Regal packages to discover a taste that works for you. And don't forget the desserts! We are available to supply the sweetest candy table that can satisfy every sweet tooth.

The following is a list of our menu options and the number of guests that each are catered towards:
  • Deluxe: Party for a minimum of 75 guests
  • Elegant: Party for a minimum of 75 guests
  • Nouveau: Party for a minimum of 80 guests and a maximum of 110 guests
  • Supreme: Party for a minimum of 80 guests
  • Regal: Party for a minimum of 80 guests and a maximum of 130 guests
  • Elite: Party for a minimum of 100 guests
For more information on our menu options, visit our website or contact us at (516) 794-9770.

And don't forget...All HOLIDAY PARTIES booked by July 15, comprised of 100 guests or more, will be eligible for a package upgrade! That's more than a $500 value! Contact us to learn more.

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