Friday, May 9, 2014

Graduation Party Checklist

With May comes college graduations, and with graduations come graduation parties! If your son or daughter is graduating from college this month, say congratulations by throwing them a graduation party! After all, this may be the last time they are ever a student, and that's a milestone that should never go unnoticed. If you've already begun the planning process and are only a few short weeks away from the party, then it's time to put on the final touches and make sure everything is in place for the big day. The following is a checklist you can follow as the day gets closer:

Week of the party:
  • Shop for last minute supplies such as decorations or place settings.
  • Shop for or prepare what you will wear to the party.
  • Make sure your camera or phone is fully charged so you are ready to take pictures.
  • Go over your guest list and check that you have accounted for everyone who will be attending.
  • Confirm details with your venue or confirm delivery of rental equipment if your party will take place at home.
Day of the party:
  • Wake up with enough time to get ready and pack up anything that needs to be taken to your venue. If your party is at home, wake up with enough time to set up tables, chairs, and tents if necessary.
  • Pick up last minute food such as appetizers and dessert. If your party is catered, contact your caterer to confirm delivery times and menu.
  • Pick up balloons or flowers if they are part of your decorations.
  • Arrive early to your venue to put up final decorations, set up any extra amenities, and discuss party plans with the staff.
  • Have fun and celebrate!
Once the party is complete, don't forget to thank guests for coming and stick around to help clean up. If your party is held at a venue, make sure you speak with your event planner to confirm payment and thank them for their services. If your party is at home, make sure you pack away any rental equipment and wrap up any extra food that is leftover. Don't forget to send thank you cards to guests within 2 weeks! 

If you're still looking for help on how to begin planning a graduation party, check out our previous blog.

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