Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tips for Planning an Office Party! Ideas everyone will appreciate.

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Lots of employees love the idea of getting out from behind their desks and spending the afternoon socializing with colleagues. An office party is an important item on the business calendar, and if planned correctly, can turn out to be fun, memorable and even stress-free!

Here are some handy tips to keep in mind when planning an office party so it’s an enjoyable and a positive experience for everyone.

Create a Plan: it’s never too soon to start planning an event! Keep a file folder with ideas, websites, clippings, anything that will help make your event as successful as possible! As you or coworkers come across articles, print them out and place them in the folder until you’re ready to start planning. Once you’re about 3 months out, work out what your budget is and use it as the starting point for brainstorming ideas. It’s definitely better to overestimate costs and underspend than vice versa! So round-up! 

Pick a Theme: it’s always fun when a party has a theme, but make sure you choose something simple and appropriate. Keep in mind this is a work-related party, not your child’s birthday gathering! Keep in mind that not everyone in your office will want to participate in a theme, so keeping it simple will ensure everyone’s participation. To receive the best feedback, keep the theme to decorations and food rather than asking people to dress up or arrive in costume.

Book at Zacharys & Aura: host your event outside of the office to give your colleagues a welcome change of scenery. Zacharys & Aura Catering hosts office parties and private events, and provides affordable pricing with flexible options. In addition, Zacharys & Aura Catering provides a party planner for every event to take the guess work and stress out of your hands! Visit Zacharys & Aura Catering Facebook Page linked here for more information. 

Plan Activities: planning activities surrounding a dinner party can get expensive, so be creative! You want to provide some sort of entertainment and might want to organize some games or activities for colleagues to play. Having a casino theme is a sure way to ensure entertainment, with card tables and other gambling games! You can play for gift cards or just for fun! If not, hiring someone to provide entertainment, like an acoustic guitar player or 2-3 piece bands is perfect for a small gathering.

For more information on planning your office party, visit http://www.facebook.com/ZacharysCateringAuraVenue.

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  1. Great tips on planning office parties. Was looking for different ideas as have to throw a party for my office colleagues and loved your ideas. Thinking of using them in arranging my party at one of NYC venues. Hope all will like my arrangements.