Wednesday, September 7, 2011

3 Simple Steps to Sweet 16 Planning!

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Sweet 16’s are becoming more and more popular, with over-the-top themes and lavish decorations, the planning can be overwhelming and you could end up in way over your head. To avoid stress, follow these three simple steps when planning a Sweet 16.

  • Pick a Theme! Having a theme could make the planning go a lot easier! Having a theme allows everything to fall under one cohesive umbrella.   Talk with your daughter about her passions and an idea is sure to come up! Maybe a favorite vacation spot could turn into a beach or seasonal theme? If your daughter has a favorite color, an entire event could be based around one specific color swatch. Have pops of the color in different hues all around the venue. For example, if your daughter likes pink, you could have raspberry colored linens with light pink flowers as centerpieces and bubblegum pink balloons scattered around the room. The ideas are endless! Other popular ideas are: Hollywood, Movies, Music, 80’s, 90’s, TV Shows, Broadway Plays, Country and vacation destinations.
  • Stick to the theme and double check everything with the birthday girl! Even though your daughter is only 16, this milestone marks a transition into a more mature part of her life. Allow her to express her opinion throughout the process so her personality is expressed on her special night. Be sure to make all decisions together to avoid any arguments! Sticking to the theme will help ensure her wishes are being met while parents can still have control over what is being decided.
  • Choose a location that does the party planning for you! Selecting a venue that organizes the catering, decorations and entertainment takes a lot off your plate, and allows the event to be much more enjoyable. Zacharys and AURA both host Sweet 16’s party’s and provide a party planner to create a night your daughter will never forget!

For more information on hosting your Sweet 16 or private party event at Zacharys or AURA, visit .

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