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Advice on Catering, Bar, Cake, and More for Your Wedding Reception

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From open bar to specialty cocktails, sit-down dinners to small plates, the food and beverages at your wedding are what many guests will remember most. Here are some tips for making your big event as "taste"-ful as can be.
                                                                                                                                     If you find sparking wine intimidating - perhaps because you attach so much importance to it - here's help demystifying the bubbly.
Plan wisely for bar service for your reception
You'll have to accommodate a host of drink preferences at your wedding celebration. And, at the same time, you'll want to keep your bar bill manageable. Here are some pointers for bar set-ups.
Choose a wedding cake that reflects your taste
Your wedding cake, luscious confection though it is, isn't simply a tower of butter, eggs and flour. It's also a reflection of something special you share with your partner.
Wedding cakes that are eye candy, too
The relationship with your baker is as vital as the connection to your dressmaker when it comes to your wedding. In both instances, all eyes should be on you and the vision you helped create.
Wedding entrees by price point
Taking into account the tastes and preferences of their guests as well as their budgets leads a lot of couples to chicken. But there are signs of a fowl rebellion, according to caterers who report on their top five wedding entrees.
Cater your wedding to your stomach's - and budget's - desire
It doesn't take a lot of fancy ingredients - or money - to impress your guests. Here's a few tips on how to present money-wise, memorable wedding cuisine.
How to select a food service provider for your wedding
Is it any wonder that finding a caterer can be a stressful experience? Fortunately, it doesn't 
have to be. First, take a deep breath. Then, follow these suggestions from three top party planners and get ready to be treated royally.
Food stations or sit-down meal?
You don't have to accept one particular style of food service for a wedding celebration. Both sit-down meals and food stations have advantages and drawbacks. By weighing each you can make the best choice for your wedding.
Preparing a wedding feast on your own? Here's how
No party is too big for celebrity chef Michael Chiarello to handle - not even his own wedding. When he tied the knot in 2003, he kept all the catering duties in-house. Here, his suggestions for a successful DIY wedding dinner

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