Thursday, April 3, 2014

How To Throw A Baseball Theme Party


In honor of opening day occurring this week, it's time to get into the baseball spirit. Whether you're planning your child's birthday party or are just looking for an excuse to have some good old family fun, consider throwing a baseball themed party to celebrate! To help you plan your party, we've collected some guidelines that you can follow to make your party a home run.

Invitations: Reveal your theme through the invitations you use. Choose a design that includes different baseball items, and use a color scheme that matches your favorite team. Lastly, alert guests if you'd like them to dress up in baseball attire or want them to bring equipment for a quick pick up game.

Menu: For your menu, include food and drinks that one would typically find at a ballpark. This means planning for hot dogs, burgers, pretzels, water, soda and sports drinks. And don't forget the ketchup and mustard! If your party is to celebrate a birthday, consider ordering a baseball themed birthday cake.

Activities: To get the full baseball effect, consider making time to play a game of baseball or have a catch. If you're looking to keep your party indoors, try laying out plain t-shirts with fabric markers and paint where guests can create their own team shirts or jerseys. Finally, if you know your party will include a lot of little kids, think about showing a baseball themed movie to keep them occupied.

Favors: Last but not least, make your party favors reflect the theme of your party. Some ideas including handing out baseballs, plastic bats, or goody bags that include other baseball themed items.

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