Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Wedding Color Schemes

Now that we've put the winter behind us (or so we hope!), it's time to start preparing for all things spring! We all know spring brings a lot to look forward to, and for some of you, it might just bring one of the most important days in your life - your wedding day! For all you lucky girls who are planning to say I do in the next couple of months, it's time to start thinking about what colors you will choose for your flowers, dresses, and decorations. But...choosing a color scheme for your wedding is not always easy; that's why we've collected some of the top color schemes that are sure to make your spring wedding pop:

Pastel Purple, Pink and Blue
Spring doesn't just have to be about bright colors. If you're looking for a bolder look, pair purple and pink with a dash of blue. For this look in a bouquet, mix light purple ageratum and pincushion flowers with pink roses and calla lilies. Don't forget to add blue hydrangea at the bottom!

Aqua and White
A light color scheme for a spring wedding is very traditional. To get the look, design your cake to have aqua color frosting and a white ribbon tied into a bow on top. Your colors can also stand out by using aqua tinted glass to hold candles or by including white place settings with aqua designs.

Lavender and Green
A lavender hue mixed with dark green makes for a striking spring wedding color scheme. To make this color combo come to life, incorporate live, pastel flowers on and around your cake.

Pink, Light Green and White
If you're looking for a girly combo that's not too girly, try including a dash of light green to your pinks and whites. For example, try pairing pink roses, light green hydrangea, and white orchards to create beautiful handheld bouquets.

Olive Green and White
From mint green to olive green, pairing a green hue with white can help create a natural-looking, stunning spring wedding. This color combo is easy to apply to many aspects of your wedding; wrap white pillar candles with green ribbon or pair green bridesmaid dresses with bouquets of white hydrangea.

Peach and Pale Yellow
You don't have to be into pink to use pastels in your spring wedding. Choose peach and pale yellow colors if you're looking for a calming color combo.

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