Thursday, February 27, 2014

Planning Your Party: Buffet vs. Sit Down


Before your guests arrive at the party you know there's only one thing on their mind - the food! Choosing the right menu and dining style is one of the most important parts of the planning process, and choosing correctly is sure to have your guests buzzing for weeks. But how do you know which set up is best for you? Knowing the pros and cons of each dining experience is vital in helping you make your decision, so follow these guidelines to discover which style works in your favor.

  1. Having a buffet style dinner gives guests a variety of food options, allowing them to take as much or as little of something as they want. This way, your guests will never go hungry and can always go back for seconds. 
  2. Getting up for dinner gives your guests another opportunity to get up and move around the room. This gives them time to socialize with others and doesn't leave them feeling trapped in their seats. 
  3. Buffet style dining is typically cheaper than a sit down dinner, so opting for this style could leave room for added expenses elsewhere. 
  4. A buffet can be one of the most beautiful decorations you have at your party. Include linens, floral arrangements, lighting, and elegant designs to spice up the room and generate a buzz.
Sit Down:
  1. With a sit down dinner, your guests are captivated and occupied for an hour or two, making it easy for hosts who intend on giving speeches or making a toast. 
  2. Having a sit down dinner provides your party with a more formal atmosphere and is considered more upscale. This style works especially well for formal weddings. 
  3. A sit down dinner includes a service that brings food directly to your guests, removing the hassle that comes with having to get up every time you need something. If you have elderly guests or guests with small children, this style may be easier to manage. 
  4. With a sit down dinner you are able to easily calculate the amount of food needed and can control portion sizes. In a buffet, it is difficult to approximate how much food you will need and you could be left with more food than desired or not enough.
Now that we've got you thinking, have you decided which style you'll choose for your party? Here at Zacharys we pride ourselves on our buffet style dining and pass around horderve services. Deciding on your menu is easy, as we have a variety of food options appropriate for guests of all ages. Our party planner will work with you to carefully plan your evening in a way that is guaranteed to make your party a success.

Call us at 516-794-9770 to begin planning your party today.

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