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Forbes' Top 5 Richest Celebrity List!

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Forbes.com has recently released their Celebrity 100 list of 2012 and the ones that came out on top sure do it all! Back in the day, you were considered a celebrity if you just simply sang, danced or acted.  Nowadays, celebrities are in competition with clothing lines, fragrances, restaurants and various other investments.  

For the first time ever, Jennifer Lopez has landed the number one spot on the celebrity 100 list this year. Over the past12 months, Lopez has earned $52 million and an enormous amount of fame and spotlight. For a long time, many thought that Lopez’ career was over. However, in 2010, she landed a judging seat on American Idol which opened up many doors.  American Idol put Lopez on a pedestal to re-launch her career and make it better than ever.

Coming in at number two is Oprah Winfrey. This media powerhouse remains on top, despite an earnings drop this past year. Winfrey has also come out on top on many of Forbes list. She is #2 on the celebrity 100 list, #1 in money, #1 in TV/Radio, #13 in Press, #18 in social and #19 in Web.

Landing the number 3 spot is teen pop star and sensation Justin Bieber. “Bieber-Fever” has certainly taken off over the past twelve months and shows in the young Canadians earnings. As of May 2012, Biebers earnings are estimated to be around $55 million. Bieber sold over 12 million albums since his 2009 debut and has 21 million Twitter followers! His first single “Baby” got 750 million views which made it the most-watched video in all of YouTube’s history.  Along with Winfrey, Bieber is another name seen amongst the top on many of Forbes lists. He comes in at #3 on the celebrity 100, #24 in money, #4 in TV/Radio, #9 in Press, #3 in social and #9 in web!

Coming in at the number four spot is Barbados native and music sensation, Rihanna. As of May 2012, Rihanna’s earnings are a reported $53 million.  This is the first time Rihanna has appeared on the celebrity 100 list and after this past year, it isn’t a surprise to see her on the list. With new hit singles, performing over 85 shows in the past 12 months, and a new fragrance, it is no wonder Rihanna has come out on top!

And last but not least, coming in at the number five spot is Lady Gaga.  Although Lady Gaga was at number one on the celebrity 100 list last year, because of a lack of touring this past year, Gaga lands at number five. However, the young celeb remains on top due to her powerful social media influence. As of May, Gaga’s earnings are at a reported $52 million. 

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