Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Wedding Tips: Embrace Spring and All of it's Traditions!

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Spring weather is bound to have her ups and downs, but it doesn't mean your wedding day has to succumb to it.

It's almost impossible to predict what kind of weather conditions you will have on your special day, especially between March and the beginning of June. Don't let mother nature intimidate you. Instead, embrace spring and all of its traditions with a few tips in mind.

  • #1 Tip: Wedding Dresses were made for Spring. Unlike the summer months, Spring welcomes the full skirts with tulle and taffeta. Embrace your inner Disney Princess and go for it.
  • #2 Tip: Enhance the traditional white dress with a touch of pastels. Embrace the season and don't forget to use a tasteful amount of the powder blues and baby pinks.
  • #3 Tip: Do not torture your bridesmaids. You may not want them to have the same shawl ready for the brisk day in April, so let your lovely ladies keep warm with an open cardigan.
  • #4 Tip: Keep it Organic. Brighten up your decor with local flowers. You don't have to worry too much about keeping them alive if they're close by.
  • #5 Tip: Favors do not have to cost as much as the gift. Help your friends and family embrace their inner Martha (Stewart) by providing planting seeds for fruits and flowers.

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