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Holiday Party Safety & Hosting Tips!

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Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, there are more alcohol-related traffic fatalities in the United States than any other time during the year. 

The consumption of alcoholic beverages is routine at holiday celebrations across the country, and unfortunately about 1,200 lives are lost each year due to drinking and driving throughout the holiday season. 

If you are hosting a holiday celebration, consider Zacharys & Aura Catering to make your party planning experience simple and easy. Whether you are hosting a get together or are attending one, be smart and plan ahead. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when organizing plans for the holidays. 

When hosting a party:  
  • If preparing an alcoholic punch, use a non-carbonated base. Alcohol is absorbed faster with a carbonated base. 
  • Never serve someone under the legal drinking age or allow minors to serve guests.
  • Don't let guests mix their own drinks. Designate a reliable "bartender" to keep track of who is drinking and how much.
  • Do not encourage drinking. It's not essential to a good time. 
  • Be a good host by staying within your limits so you can be sure your guests stay within theirs. 
  • Close the bar 90 minutes before the party ends and serve a dessert with coffee. 
  • Remember that only time can sober someone who has been drinking.
If you think one or more of your guests are drinking too much, here are some suggestions to help them out:
  • Engage them in conversation to slow down their drinking. 
  • Offer to make their next drink and use less alcohol. 
  • Offer high protein food. 
  • Don't be afraid to insist they slow down, stop or switch to a non-alcoholic beverage.
No matter what, if guests have been drinking too much, DO NOT let them drive, regardless of how much they insist. If you’re not sure, always lean on the cautious side and arrange a ride or a safe place for them to sleep it off. 

Stay safe this holiday season! Zachary’s and Aura will not only help you plan a safe party, but an enjoyable one!  For more information, click HERE.  

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