Monday, November 14, 2011

Get Creative with Holiday Party Invitations! What they should include and how you can use them for inspiration..

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With the holiday’s right around the corner, hosts and hostesses are starting their party planning process! Once you’ve set your guest list, the next step is picking the perfect holiday invitation for your party.

Invitations are an important first step. Their vibrant colors and variety of themes available now can truly set the tone for the occasion and offer guests a sneak peak of what is to come at the party! Customizing an invitation can help create a theme and make it easier to decorate for the host. 

It’s important to try to link the look of the invitation to the feel of the party as much as possible. The invitation should be filled with information, including whether it’s a formal or casual event; family friendly or adults only; if there is a theme; whether or not there is a gift exchange or if the guest should bring any food or alcohol. 
The great thing about holiday parties is that there is already an underlying theme, the holiday! It’s then up to you to take it to the next level through food, decorations, drinks and more specific themes. 

For example, a gingerbread house theme with invitations featuring a gingerbread house or candy design and your house decorated like a gingerbread house, inside and out, featuring lots of candy and maybe even a ginger bread house decorating station Or, a caroling theme with invitations as sheet music and your house filled with loud Christmas music and a trio of carolers wandering through the house, mingling with guests. You can get really creative with holiday themed parties! 

For busy hosts, using holiday invitations as a focal point to build the theme and style of your party could make the organization and preparation for the event so much easier! 

Happy Holidays!

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